Monday, July 25, 2011


I've got this little issue. Its a sun allergy. I get all splotchy and sickly and dead-like. The summer makes that occurrence far more frequent. So I was sick last week, vomming, coughing, sleeping for extended periods of time without leaving my room, but I just knew I was on the rebound, so I went to the lake with Chris and Natoshia. We had a very good time. But in the three and some hours we were in the water, I somehow managed to get burned to a crisp (shock of shocks) and I got some tasty lake water in my ear. It was there for two days, and the sunburn is definitely still around. I can't actually wear a shirt right now without wishing for death. My ears, infected. Both of them. 
I hate summer. I don't care if the days are longer, there's no school, and you can weekday drink. I genuinely hate summer. I anticipate the short days, long cold nights, and miserable snow storms of winter. They're fun. I don't get sweaty. I don't get attacked by malicious bugs. I don't get boiled by the sun. 

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