Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yeah, I hate them. They're annoying, clingy, loud, obnoxious, bothersome, moody, pissy, and all around not worth anyone's time. Sadly, I am one. The thing that gets me the most about girls though, is that they can never leave well enough alone. They just HAVE to talk shit, because peacefully coexisting would be far too difficult or boring or whatever. That REALLY bugs me. I have an incredibly dramatic life anyway, for reasons I'll never fully understand, because it sure as hell isn't my doing. But when bitches get all crazy because their boyfriends are being douche bags, I'm the one that gets the shaft. No joke. Its like, I know that I'm totally cool and laid-back, forgiving and shit. Or that's how it appears to the general public. In all honesty, I get this shit so often that I have literally stopped giving a damn. I couldn't care less if you are pissed at me because I forgot to close my bedroom door or parked too far from the curb or whatever else your twisted little mind has come up with to bitch about, tomorrow is another day, so shut up. And stop talking shit when I'm not around, because the people that are actually my friends tell me about it immediately, and then I know what a petty little bitch you are. Again, this happens all the time. So often, its tragically comical. Thanks for the laughs, enjoy your sad life.

(Note: I am NOT perfectly rational when menstruating, therefore this will not apply to those five days of the month. Thanks, Management)

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