Friday, June 17, 2011

Just because my BFF is a dude...

We're not boning. In fact, the likelihood of that happening is so miniscule that it should be put out of your head at once. I mean yeah, we're attractive people that appreciate each other's attractiveness, but there's a mutual respect for the sanctity of our friendship that doesn't allow for infraction. He is the first person I go to to talk shit on people I'm dating. If we were dating, to whom would I talk shit?! Yes, things can get complicated. People think we're "an item" and he gets his undies in a bunch, but who cares? People are wrong about everything all the time. Its a part of life. A HUGE part of life. Then you die. To all the people that want to jump to conclusions, I say "Shame on you!" I don't think that you and YOUR best friend are constantly off having hot lesbian trysts, so stop thinking that we're all over each other when no one else is around.

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