Sunday, June 12, 2011

People that Drive like Morons

I know, every now and again everyone does it. You cut someone off, you swerve into a lane because you realized you were going to miss your exit, you speed, you almost hit a cyclist or a pedestrian. Life happens.

But in larger cities that crap happens all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. It scares the crap out of me to see a car trying to get into my lane when we both know there isn't really space or time. Its terrifying to see cars driving across six lanes of traffic without even taking a moment to glance back and see if maybe a semi is about the plow into them. And it pisses me off. Is where you're going SO IMPORTANT that you CANNOTSTOPNOMATTERWHAT, not even if the world starts to collapse around you? Didn't think so. Whoever you're in such a huge rush to see would probably rather see you alive and well, rather than mangled in a body bag. Probably. Does it hurt anyone to let someone into a lane? Not really, those three seconds you spend slowing down 3mph for the other car don't really matter, and the road is so much safer for everyone, except those that aren't paying attention. 

You can always tell who's from the city you're visiting, and who the other visitors are. Visitors slow down when something happens suddenly, give someone else room to get into the exit lane, wave people in during a traffic jam, and have a genuinely overwhelmed look in their eyes as they try to figure out which exit it is that they need to take to get to the zoo. City dwellers have a different sort of demeanor, they're the ones that honk, yell, and express themselves with lewd hand gestures. They cut people off. They are constantly in a hurry to get from A to B, and will do anything to get there as quickly as possible. (I can't believe that every single one of them is like this, because I have a little faith in humanity.) I'd like to think that I'm somewhere in the middle; yelling, but still letting people in; silently wishing the person that cut me off ill; never honking, but always wanting to. I can't bring myself to act so immature publicly, so I just sit and smolder in my car, waiting for the chance to get to my destination and type out my feelings, rather than speed by the van that HAD to pass me, only to see that there was a huge line of cars in their way. 

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