Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Family- Whoa

I had a visit home earlier this week, and everything was the same as always. My mother was as overwhelmed by demands as ever, and my sisters were doing absolutely nothing to help her out at all. This is one of the only reasons I miss being home. My mom needs a sidekick to cover for her while she's working three jobs, and my 16 year old sister just doesn't cut the mustard. 
Here's how the trip started, I realized I was off for three days in a row, which is something that never happens. So, I decided it was high time to go on back to the homestead. 
DAY 1: I arrived at approximately 2a, slept until about 8a, then got up to go to see my grandparents for a Memorial Day barbeque. The waking up of the family was a fight, getting everyone into the van was a fight, and Rachel wound up head butting Janie by the time we got there. My dad drove separately, for a reason I'm still unsure of. We got to the grandparents at about 11, I left my computer here because I didn't think I would need it, boy was I wrong. Everyone fought the entire day over the two computers in the house, it was fantastic. We got home, everyone was sweaty and grumpy and tired, and of course, still bickering. We took a little wreath of blue flowers to my grandfather's grave, and of course, everyone fought the entire trip. 
DAY 2: My mother took Janie to get her hair did. While they were gone, the little chicks and I caught up on some much needed sleep. Then they got home, Janie didn't look any different, but whatever. We made some chicken noodle soup, Carly spilled it all over me, so did Rachel. We went out for Chinese, this time I drove, no one could agree on what Chinese place to go to, nor where to sit once we got to HoWah. The little girls made a ton of noise and embarrassed my mother, Janie did the same. I was ready to fall into a hole and pull Mom in with me by the time we got to the movie theater. We saw KungFu Panda 2. It was cute, made me cry a little. Then Rachel ran away, so Mom freaked out. We went to Walmart for more exciting public fights, then home to sleep.
DAY 3: I took Carly out to the Elementary school to get picked up for a special field trip. I also took her to get breakfast at Hoeckele's Bakery. It was a hoot. Then I drove home in blissful silence. It was glorious. 

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