Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Facebook Ads (WTF?)

I got on the ol' fb to to see what was poppin' this morning, its still tonight for me since I have yet to go to sleep, but seeing as how its 5a, I'll call it "this morning." I get on Cityville, do my thing. Creep around on the NewsFeed, everyone else is in bed, except for my friends that are abroad and those that are already waking up to start their days, so its super boring. 

And then I see the ads. And I think, what the hell? Because this is what I see: 
Bricks4Kidz. Some kind of fun play thing for your children, kind of like Legos, but different some how. I don't have kids, so I didn't really read that much into it.
Picture that Gift. Click "like" to see how you can have Oreo cookies dipped in chocolate, and then PERSONALIZE THEM WITH YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOS. First of all, I do NOT want to eat a cookie that has a picture of my mom on it. Or a cookie with a picture of my room mates on it. I do not want to see faces in the food I'm eating. Who thinks of this stuff? Because really, if you want to waste your money on ignorant things like PERSONALIZED COOKIES, you can just send some of that excess cash my way. I promise to make better use of it.
Busy Kids. Rest mats for the children at the daycare I don't own. How handy! Now sown in a special way that keeps bacteria out! Woohoo! The image for the ad is super adorable though, its this little kid sleeping on one of these mats, and it kind of looks like the mats we used to have in Elementary school PE, you know, the ones that you tumble on. Good times. Well, not really, because I was always terrified that  I was going to break my neck, so I refused to participate. (Take that authority figures!)
FiberONE. This is probably my favorite one. "Chocolate+Fiber=Math We Can Agree On." Given that I'm about as good at doing math as a goat is at horseback riding, this really is the kind of math I enjoy doing. Yum+Yum=Omnomnom, yep no errors there. But I wonder, why am I, a 20 year old college student, getting ads for FiberONE? This is the food of the elderly, and people that hate themselves or hate themselves when they're irregular. That is not me, and I have never even googled the term "fiber." 

I'm not sure how they decide what ads to show where, but they aren't doing a very good job of selling to me. I don't need diapers, or formula coupons, or AARP help, I get enough of that stuff in the mail. (Explanations for those? Your guess is as good as mine.) Keep trying interwebz, you haven't nabbed me yet. 

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