Monday, May 9, 2011

About the Author

Sometimes I read a blog, and I wonder, "Who the hell is this person? And why should their opinion matter?" I get frustrated. So, to relieve any frustration my readers may have, although all of you that are currently following know me personally, I have shared some information about myself. If you think it looks like an online dating profile, copied and pasted, then re-edited, you might be right! 

About me:
I love to write, and sing, and take day trips to places I've never visited before.
I like to try new things and new recipes!!
I am a nerd. I may not look it, but I promise you, little awkward Sarah is in there, and she is a total dork.
I obsessively listen to Vampire Weekend.
I like to use commas to excess.
I don't like malted milk balls, regardless of the brand.
I am an avid Facebook user.
I don't sweat the small things, or the big things. Carpe Diem.
I am a socialist. Not a communist. Socialism is way different, and much less radical.
I like webcomics, especially Hipster Hitler, channelATE, and The Oatmeal.
I am spontaneous, funny, and charming.

What I'm doing with my life:
Currently, I'm working on getting my MAE for elementary education and paying off some student loans/my car. I plan on teaching kindergarten, my reason is simple: the kids are still teachable. There is potential for me to mold the minds of future leaders, and I know its a great responsibility, but I'm up for it.
I am a skilled deli worker at Walmart.
I take a lot of drives and go to a lot of parties.
I also enjoy crafting and thrifting.
I have an eye for a graphic design, but that happens when you work for three newspapers throughout your high school and college years.
What I'm good at: 
Writing, its my passion?
Buying things that look expensive for less than a dollar. You should see my hideous Christmas sweater collection.
Singing, at least that's what I've heard.
Listening/ talking. I'm a good conversationalist.
Being sarcastic. I've often heard that what I say can be hurtful, but I honestly never know when I'm taking it too far, and I apologize almost never.
Partying. But not so good at dancing.

People usually notice:
My teeth or my gigantic hair.
My hair is very curly, and quite red/blond/brown/not black.
My teeth are very straight.
I have fullish lips and very green eyes.
My vocabulary, people are always commenting on my usage of words.

I spend a lot of time thinking about:
The future and all it has to offer, clouds, how cute children are, how the weather may affect driving conditions, where the flavor blue raspberry came from, current leaders in political offices, makin' bank, annoying songs about unicorns, how much I love kittens, friends I don't see anymore because they went to graduate school, Mike & Ike's, etc.

On a typical Friday night, I am:
Working, and then going out with my friends. We make plans to have good times. If I'm not at a party or mixer, I'm probably making a craft of some kind or baking. I have a knack for scarf-making, cookie-baking, and anything else you can think of that rhymes with "making." I also really like watching movies, lots of movies. Documentaries especially, or mockumentaries because they're the best. 

The most private thing I’m willing to admit:
I know all of the words to "Copa Cabana."
I'm very much afraid of the dark.

Well, there you go. This is me, so yeah. Boom. More snark to come, believe me. 

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