Sunday, May 8, 2011

Skype Inconsistencies in Regard to Connectivity

The thing is, I need Skype. I live six hours away from my family. I live six hours away from my boyfriend. In the summer, my friends live all kinds of distances from me. All I ever want is an opportunity to talk to my loved ones, and maybe see their faces. If seeing them wasn't the primary goal, I would just use a much more reliable telephone. But Skype constantly let's me down. At first, I blamed the internet, but when everything else is loading perfectly and at a high speed, its got to be Skype. And I'm one of those annoying folks that will submit a complaint email when something is off. So, the dudes at Skype are being bombarded by little messages from me telling them that the sound was off, or that the picture froze for the entirety of the time I was trying to talk to my great-grandmother. Is it too much to ask that the service be better when the people on both sides of the screen have perfectly functioning internet connections? I don't think so. 

However, I will continue to use Skype, at least until I find a better alternative. 

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