Sunday, May 15, 2011

Animals around Babies

I love animals, really I do. But when you have a tiny baby, you shouldn't let your animals snuggle with them, or lick their faces, or sleep with them, or anything of that nature. Know why? Because an animal isn't aware that what it is doing could potentially KILL YOUR CHILD! For instance, a cat. Cats love warm things, so a baby is perfect. A cat can lay next to your baby, stick its claws/teeth into your baby, or sit on your sleeping baby's face until it dies. Isn't that nice? Dogs? Don't even get me started. Have you seen their teeth?! Talk about a hazard. And what about any illnesses they might be spreading? Who wants a sick baby? Birds, SNAKES, spiders, and other stupid pets you shouldn't have in the first place because they're scary? I'm not even going there. Bottom line is, having pets is fine. Having babies is fine. Having pets and babies in the same house is okay. Having pets and babies in the same room? That's just asking for trouble. Disgusting, shedding, biting, clawing, unpredictable because they descended from wild animals, trouble. Don't let your pets near your kids if you want them to live to have pets of their own.

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