Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Period

Probably the most irksome thing to every woman on the planet, I hate my period and the week leading up to it. I'm on like three pills to have a period in the first place, and I'll be honest, when I didn't have one for like eighteen months, I missed it. But now that its back and regular, I hate it again. I can actually feel myself morphing into this super-bitch and there is very little I can do to make it stop. Its miserable. I feel bloated and fat and bitchy and I know that I am totally unpleasant to be around. Not to mention all the crying for little or no reason. I feel uber lethargic, and we all know that I love to sleep already, so I go from sloth to koala levels of sleep. Its in the best interest of everyone involved if I can just sleep and not be disturbed. I also get all these insane cravings for ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter, and Pringles. I don't know why I always crave Pringles, but I do. 

This blog is also an apology. I'm sorry to everyone that I offend monthly with my insensitive and ugly behavior. I'm sorry for the nights that I ruined by crying. I'm especially sorry to Chris, because he always gets the brunt of my rage. I have to tell you though, ignoring my sadness is not the way to get it to stop, it just makes me more sad and upset. Sure the other three weeks of the month I am sane, and know that all the things I did while on my period were psychotic, but bear with me while its happening. It'll make everyone feel better. 

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